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Member Discounts

As Mandy Singers has grown, we've been able to negotiate a collection of discounts and offers exclusively for our members. The companies listed below have approached us with fantastic deals for our members. Do feel free to contact them about any area of their expertise – no doubt they will be happy to help.

1 Mandy Singers Discounts

18 Photographer Discounts

4 Showreel Discounts

  • 20% discount

    At, we provide a relaxed environment to create your voice over demo. There's no clock watching or worrying about extra charges for spending too long in the vocal booth.

  • 20% discount SingingDemos

    Singing demos has been one of the leaders in the voice and vocal reel industry for the past 5 years and has helped many performers reach their goals and succeed with securing jobs and agents.

  • 15% discount The Soundworks

    The Soundworks is based in Barnet, North London. We have a well equipped recording studio for producing voice-reels and vocal demos. We also offer a website development and hosting srvice. The...

  • 5% discount Crying Out Loud Productions

    Crying Out Loud has been creating Voicereels for 14 years and is now the number one supplier in the UK. Both Marina and Simon are practitioners in the industry with a combined 35 years experience.