Skarsky and such

The Skarskyandsuch band members have been collaborating together since roughly 2013 and have a variety of influences from Dub, reggae, ska, Bossa Nova, Jazz, electronic, soul and Motown.. Artists such as Fat Freddy's drop, Slackers, Bob Marley, Prince, Nile Rodgers, Stevie Wonder, Lauren Hill, Jack Tea Garden, Thelonious Monk, Amy Winehouse, Zero 7, Massive attack, Air, are just a few names who have inspired Skarskyandsuch.

Each band member has a contrasting music background to the next.

The piano player Andy Neely has extensive experience from touring the Carribean, accompanying various artists, contracts on the QE2 including playing on the same piano as Count Basie and one of his many talents is playing the piano while standing on his head.

Chris Jones, bass player and backing vocalist for Skarskyandsuch is a session bassist and guitarist for numerous bands. His experience and vast musical knowledge is astonishing taking into account his age. Chris is also known to name any note as he has the powers of perfect pitch and bass lines that are created by this chap drive the band's grounding like a disco earthquake.

Sunnie Arnold, lead singer/ acoustic guitar/songwriter of Skarskyandsuch has been writing songs since a young age for herself and other artists. Her songs have been performed on the Liverpool and London music scene, some places abroad and has been featured on radio stations North and South England.

Danny Kirkham, drummer has been playing with bands since the age of 16 in original and cover bands at theatre shows, big bands and much more.

Felix Ngindu is a high spirited, talented drummer who has toured the world with his Kraft either on full drums or djembe. Working with bands such as Mica Paris, Jimmy Cliff, Kanda Bongoman, Grupo Lokito and many more..

other musicians we work with are Tim Dale, Vinnie Pearson, Jay Doolen, Sam Evans, Dave Mather and Kevin Parry.

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